This is my first kilt rental, and the feel of the material is amazing.  It fits perfectly and feels great to wear. Great experience and an even better kilt!
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Quality, authentic kilts at affordable prices in Dallas Made of luxuriously, soft fabric for your comfort. Same day kilt rental available. Ask for details.
     (972) 783-4889
            819 W. Arapaho Road Ste 28, Richardson, TX 75080
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Our complete kilt rental includes: Prince Charlie or Argyle Jacket, Kilt, Sporran, Sgian Dubh, Belt, Tuxedo Shirt, Flashes, Studs/Cufflinks, Bow Tie, and Ghillie Shoes. We also rent individual item.
We can sell following new items:- 1.  Your Family Tartan 2.  Prince Charlie Jacket 3.  Argyle Jacket 4.  Sporran 5.  Sgian Dugh 6.  Ghillie Shoe 7.  Hose 8.  Kilt Pin 9.  Neck Tie - Bow tie 10. Flashes 11. Scarve 12. Stole 13. Tartan Tam 14. Barton Cap 15. Skirt 16. Belt - Buckle 17. Brooch 18. Jacobite shirt We are authorized dealer for “ LOCHCARRON OF SCOTLAND”