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Pride of Scotland Tartan

The pride of Scotland tartan was created for people across the globe that do not have their own tartan but have to desire to wear tartan. The Pride of Scotland tartan is a predominantly blue tartan with purple, green, white and black.  The orignal Pride of Scotland was designed to reflect the “Pride” within the heart of tha nation. The colours are indicative of all the things Scottish.  The blue and white represent the saltire – our national flag, the green and purple the splendour of our hills and glens.


Pride of Scotland Tartan or kilt Rental is available at Dallas Kilt Rental. Our complete kilt rental include Prince Charlie jacket or Argyle jacket, Kilt of your choice, vest, tuxedo shirt, bow tie or windsor tie, ghillie brogues, studs & cufflinks set, belt and buckle.


This Pride of Scotland tartan is available for rent.

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Following Kilts are available for Rent:

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