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Royal Stewart Tartan

As a family, the Royals Stewart held the thorne of Scotland,and later that of England, in direct line until the death of Queen Anne in 1714.  In fact, the current Royal family still has Stewart blood links. The Stewart tartan is worn by the regimental pipers of the Scots Guards and was referred to by King George V as my personal tartan. This tartan is known as the Royal tartan, it is still traditionally the official tartan of the Royal house of  Scotland.  Prince Charles wore his kilt in this pattern when addressing the SCots Guards.


Royal Stewart Tartan or kilt Rental is available at Dallas Kilt Rental. Our complete kilt rental include Prince Charlie jacket or Argyle jacket, Kilt of your choice, vest, tuxedo shirt, bow tie or windsor tie, ghillie brogues, studs & cufflinks set, belt and buckle.


This Roayl Stewart tartan is available for rent.

royal stewart kilt

Following Kilts are available for Rent:

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