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Rent A Scottish Kilt

Authentic Kilt Rental in Dallas, TX 

Scottish Kilt Rental

Scottish Kilt Rental at Dallas Kilt Rental

Rent a Scottish Kilt in Dallas at Dallas Kilt Rental 

We have established reputation to rent a Scottish kilt in Dallas as top authentic quality Scottish kilt rental source. We have very good selection of tartans to choose from. Our complete kilt rental include Prince Charlie jacket or Argyle jacket, your choice of tartan, vest coat, ghillie brough, sporran, sgian dugh, flashes, tuxedo shirt, tie, belt, buckle, studs and cufflinks set. Formal hose in various colors also available for purchase.

We also have a Scottish kilt rental package to suit your own personal budget and your special requirements.

We have kilt rental for wedding and black-tie events. Dallas Kilt Rental will help you stand out from the crowd.

Currently we have following tartans for rent: Black tartan, Blackwatch tartan,
Dress Gordon tartan, Grey Watch tartan, Irish National tartan, MacDonald tartan, Pride of Scotland tartan, Royal Stewart tartan and Scottish National tartan.

If you have any questions about Scottish Kilt rental please give us a call at (972) 783- 4889 or visit our store. We are here to help you




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Please contact us for for all your highland wear needs. We import all the items from Scotland.

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